Equipping Christian educators with biblical foundations, critical thinking skills, and apologetics knowledge to confidently defend and share the Gospel, covering topics such as creation, apologetics tactics, the days of creation, the origin of life, theological challenges, and educational dynamics.

Course Goal

To help prepare Christian educators with the knowledge and skills in the areas of biblical creation, apologetics, and Christian education so that they can, in turn, equip other Christians (especially the next generation) to be able to defend their faith with confidence and be better equipped to share and defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

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Instructional Method/Format

Lecture, class interaction, and exercises.

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Course Length

3 days (Tuesday, 1:30 p.m. – Friday, 12:00 noon)

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Target Audience

College-age and above

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Course Cost

Pricing for our courses is affordable for individuals, churches, and schools.

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Course Bonus

Christian school teachers can earn 19 CEUs.

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Course Outline

  1. Establishing biblical foundations 
  2. Critical thinking skills and tactics 
  3. Understanding the days of creation 
  4. Biblical apologetics 1 
  5. Presuppositional apologetics 
  6. The origin of life 
  7. Biblical apologetics 2 
  8. A.I. and transhumanism 
  9. Theological problems with an old earth 
  10. Natural selection & mutations 
  11. The problem of evil and a good God 
  12. Dynamics of Christian education 
  13. Trans-alphabet Soup 
  14. The Origin of Humans 
  15. The Bible: the source of truth 
  16. Dating rocks and fossils 
  17. Teaching about dinosaurs (grades 1-6)