Speaker: Anthony Silvestro

Dr. Anthony Silvestro

Dr. Anthony Silvestro

DDS, Apologist, Evangelist, Speaker and Teacher

Dr. Anthony R. Silvestro, Jr., once an evolutionist, now champions biblical creationism, advocating for the Bible’s trustworthiness from Genesis onward. Residing in a Cleveland suburb with his family, he combines his math, chemistry, and dentistry background with a passion for teaching on various platforms, including conferences and Christian media. His collaboration with notable figures like Mike Riddle and participation in Christian movies like American Gospel highlights his commitment to spreading the gospel through presuppositional apologetics, tackling social justice issues, and defending biblical creation against scientific misconceptions.

His seminal work, On the Origin of Kinds, encapsulates his approach to evangelism and apologetics, aiming to equip Christians with the tools to share their faith confidently. Dr. Silvestro’s seminars, available for booking, cover a broad spectrum of topics, reflecting his dedication to biblical education and evangelism.


  • BS, Chemistry and Math (Double Major), Baldwin Wallace University, Berea, Ohio
  • DDS, College of Dentistry, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
  • Since 2011 attended 60 hours per year of dental continuing education
  • Since 2011 logged over 500 hours in self-study on creation/evolution.
  • Successfully completed the Creation Apologetics Teachers College and the 3-day Communication and Teaching Skills courses from CTI.

Lay-Level Presuppositional Apologetics

Part 1 with or without Part 2 (each 1-1.5 hr in length)

These talks are suitable for middle & high school students and teach them to trust their Bibles.

Part 1 discusses the differences between evidential, classical, and presuppositional apologetics. While evidential apologetics has its place, presuppositional is foundational for apologetics! This talk also teaches how correctly done apologetics should always lead to evangelism and gives people more confidence in themselves as apologists. 

Part 2 walks you through how this works functionally and briefly discusses moral arguments as presuppositional.

Important concepts here:

  • Romans 1 teaches that all people know God exists (which means we do not have the burden of proof when talking to someone)
  • Romans 2 says that God has written the moral law on everyone’s heart, which means people also know God exists by their conscience.

Biblical Evangelism (Ray Comfort style)

Part 1 and/or Part 2

This talk shows how to use The Law to show people their sins and give them the Gospel.  This talk can be done in 30-60 minutes.

Morality, God-given Rights, and the Proper Role of Government

With everything that has happened in the last three or more years, some questions have arisen, and confusion abounds. Where do human rights come from? How do we know? What role does the government play in our rights?

This talk teaches that Human Rights are God-given and not government-given. As the American forefathers acknowledged, we all have an innate sense that rights are inalienable from God and tied to His character.

Since God also created government, how should we biblically view it in its role? How do we properly view Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2? When do we disobey the government to obey God? The bottom line is that when governments encroach on us, we obey God.

Street-Level Apologetics

What are the common questions and challenges that we get from unbelievers, and how do we answer them? This seminar is approximately 1-2 hours long, depending on the topic.

The Satanic History of Social Justice

This talk discusses how we are to view the social justice movement Biblically. It is derived from Marxism, which was started as an attack on God and Christianity. This discussion will walk you through the history of the social justice movement, starting at the beginning of time, through the Renaissance period, the French Revolution, and Karl Marx in Europe.

Then, we will cover the history of Marxism infiltrating our country in the early 1900s, how it changed the education system, starting in 1905, and how it owned our education system and infiltrated the churches by the 1940s.

The Problems with Social Justice

This talk builds upon the history in the first talk and how we Biblically combat it today, including homosexuality, transgenderism, egalitarianism, critical race theory, intersectionality, the false gospel, and many more.

The Satanic History & Problems with Social Justice Combined

This talk takes the highlights of the Satanic History of Social Justice seminar and combines it with The Problems with Social Justice into a 1 hour abbreviated talk.

Why the Bible is the Source of Truth

Why is the Bible true and not the Koran, the Book of Mormon, or other various books?  We show why the Bible is true and how to use it while defending the Bible and Christianity.

The “Problem” of Evil - How do we Reconcile a Good God with Bad Things Happening in this World.

This is the biggest challenge given to Christians and asked of Christian Ministries.  Most creationists will say things like “God allows evil” as if it is just this passive thing that happens… yet the Bible teaches that God ordains ALL things that come to pass.  How do we reconcile that?

This talk walks through:

  • How do we properly define evil?
  • How did evil enter into the world?
  • While God ordains all things that come to pass, who is actually blamed for evil?
  • Attributes such as God’s justice, mercy, & grace would never have been shown without a world that would fall.
  • Ultimately, God ordains evil for His glory and will eradicate it.

The Origin of Life

This seminar teaches how to pose simple questions that can lead a Ph.D. evolutionary biologist to question evolutionism, enabling even middle schoolers to grasp the significant issues with the origin of life. It equips participants to engage in intelligent discussions and present irrefutable arguments to scientists with advanced degrees.

Apologetics for the 21st Century

The newest topics from our 1-day course, Apologetics for the 21st Century. These can be done in one full day or broken up as individual talks that can be mixed and matched for your church or conference

  • Overview of “The Great Reset” (45 min)
  • Understanding the Enemies of “The Great Reset” (45 Min)
  • Tactics For Controlling People and Nations (45 Min)
  • The Depopulation Agenda (45 min)
  • The Climate Change Hoax (45 Min)
  • Big Pharma and The Food Industry (45 Min)
  • COVID – The deception and vaccines (45 Min)
  • Trans-Alphabet Soup (How to Biblically and Scientifically answer the LGBTQ agenda) (60 Min)
  • The Evils of Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism (45 Min)

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