Speaker: Scott Weckerly

Scott Weckerly

Scott Weckerly

Co-Instructor at Creation Apologetics Teachers College

Scott lives in Nashville, TN, where he has been a full-time musician for 26 years. He still performs professionally but has scaled back his music career to allow more time for his passion to speak and teach biblical apologetics. Scott has taught at churches, life groups and youth retreats across the country for more than 20 years as well as on podcasts, webcasts and TV tapings. Scott has also been a co-instructor at the Creation Apologetics Teachers College, the 1-day Basic Creation Training Course, and the Christian Educator’s Conference for CTI.


  • Jazz Performance degree from the University of North Texas
  • Traveled full-time for 2 years, sharing the Gospel with a music ministry
  • Completed the Creation Apologetics Teachers College and the 3-day Communication and Teaching Skills courses from CTI
  • Has been studying apologetics and creation since high school

Dinosaurs and the Bible

Instead of trying to fit dinosaurs into the Bible, we will start with the Bible and see what it can tell us about dinos: their origins, death, and when they lived in history. Compared to the common evolutionary story, which approach best fits our observational facts about dinosaurs?

Worldviews and Presuppositions

This topic covers the importance of the presuppositions that form a person’s worldview and how this affects the interpretation of data and facts. Understanding that facts and evidence are interpreted through a person’s worldview is the basis for a more powerful method of defending the faith.

Critical Thinking Skills

Practical questions that challenge evolutionary claims at the worldview level, and learning how to spot fuzzy words, magic words and red flag words that reveal errors and fallacies in most anti-Biblical claims.

Radiometric Dating and Carbon 14

What do radiometric dating methods really measure and are they reliable? Revealing the assumptions behind the methods and why C14 is powerful evidence for a young earth.

Why I Believe the Bible

Voddie Baucham’s brief summary of the uniqueness of the Bible and a powerful “go-to” response that stops critics in their tracks.


This topic covers the basics of sound Biblical interpretation and the importance of rightly dividing the scriptures with many good examples of bad hermeneutics.

Answering Old Earth Challenges

Biblical answers to the most common Old Earth challenges include the Gap Theory, the Day-Age Theory, how you can have normal days without the Sun, who Cain married, is a day a thousand years, and others.

What Is Truth?

This topic covers the difference between Objective and Subjective truth and how our society is being destroyed by the confusion between the two.

Why Creation Matters

This topic covers the importance of literal 6 day Creation and how it ultimately affects both foundational doctrines and the Gospel itself.

The Rights Fight

Everyone aggressively proclaims their “rights,” yet most don’t know how to define “rights” or where they come from. This topic covers how rights can only come from God, what rights are, the different types of rights in society, and how they are all tied to absolute morality.

The Problem of Evil

If God is good, why is there evil? This is the most common objection to Christianity, but when examined Biblically, it is a severe problem for the unbeliever and not for Christians.

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