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Welcome to the Support Creation Training page. Here, you can learn how to support Creation Training through donations or volunteering. Our prayerful desire is that dedicated believers like you would see the need to equip parents and teachers with the knowledge and skills to train the next generation to share and defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ and stand firm on their faith in God’s Word. Your generous support helps us continue our mission and provide valuable resources. By contributing, you ensure that Creation Training can reach and educate more people. Discover how you can make a difference today.


Creation Training Initiative (CTI) is a non-profit 501c3 ministry.

Support CTI with a monthly or one-time donation so that we can continue to make a difference in the next generation of leaders and teachers in America.

How your donations are used

  • All donations go to the ministry.
  • Equip Christian educators to teach Biblical creation
  • Supplement our courses because they are offered at a discounted price so all who are interested in learning can attend.
  • Development of new courses.
  • Scholarships
  • General operating cost (equipment, manuals, software, …)
  • Salary for one full-time employee (web development/update and multimedia video and editing)
  • Adjunct instructor’s travel and honorariums.


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Donate Online

You can make a single donation or enroll in monthly giving. For monthly donations, please select “Make this a recurring donation.”

Monthly Free Bill Pay from Your Bank

If your bank offers “free bill pay,” you can arrange to have a check automatically sent to CTI each month at no extra cost to you or CTI. We have several supporters already doing this.