Responding to Foolish Statements

Written by Mike Riddle

Mike is the founder and president of Creation Training Initiative. He is an international speaker and teacher on biblical creation, apologetics, and Christian education. He has been involved in creation apologetics for over 40 years.

November 10, 2015

Christians are often challenged with foolish statements. There are three elements that make these statements foolish.
1. The challenge shows the person’s lack of knowledge of the Bible.
2. The challenge has inconsistent elements.
3. The challenge is arrogant.

In this session Mike not only answers the challenges but also shows why each is a foolish statement. In part one of “Foolish Challenges” Mike responds to the following:
• The Bible does not say how God created.
• There are no absolutes.
• Evolution is a fact.
• No one has the whole truth.
• That’s true for you, but not for me.

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