A Devastating Report on Christian Education

Written by CTI

February 28, 2020

In 2011, the President of Barna Group, David Kinnaman, wrote a book entitled, You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving the Church… And Rethinking the Faith. The following are two excerpts from the book.

Excerpt 1
Comment from a prominent scientist:
“Every week, I am contacted by young Christians who tell me that their faith cannot survive their interest in science. They feel the church has forced them into an either-or decision – they can either stay true to the Christian faith or become an intellectually honest scientist. That’s a false choice of course. And it’s heartbreaking that we aren’t helping young Christians pursue their calling in science in a way that affirms both science and faith. … I’m afraid we’re going to lose a generation of scientists and a generation of Christians.” (page 132)

Excerpt 2
“It was tenth grade. I started learning about evolution. It felt like my first window into the real world. To be honest, I think that learning about science was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I knew from church that I couldn’t believe in both science and God, so that was it. I didn’t believe in God anymore.” (page 138)

A Five Part Analysis
PART 1: There is no reason to believe a conflict exists between science and the Bible. In fact, science is given to us as a gift from God in order to better understand the creation he gave us!  The problem occurs when people equate false and/or disproven concepts, like evolution, with actual observational science. True science agrees with the Biblical account of creation and refutes the teachings of evolution.

PART 2: Many Christian youth are receiving a good academic education in Christian schools and home schools. However, when it comes to preparing our youth to defend their faith, as the Bible mandates (1 Peter 3:15, Jude 1:3, 2 Cor 10:4-5), there is a huge breakdown in Christian education. There is unbelief, apathy, and lack of knowledge about what the Bible teaches on the subject. We need well-trained teachers in Biblical apologetics.

PART 3: Christian educators should be teaching students that true science does not contradict the Biblical account of a recent creation (literal six day) and a worldwide flood. All this leaves the question, “Where can teachers get trained to teach Biblical creation and apologetics?”

PART 4: The answer is not in most Christian universities. Many Christian universities have compromised God’s Word, especially the Biblical account of creation. The few Christian universities that have degrees in Biblical apologetics have turned the program into a lesson in academia (history and philosophy) rather than preparing youth for the battlefield. They have failed to equip youth pastors and Christian educators with the Biblical and foundational knowledge and skills to teach the next generation to defend their faith against the teachings of evolution and moral relativism.

PART 5: While Creation Training Initiative (CTI) is not the only source for good training in Biblical creation and apologetics, we do have a track record of educating for results. We currently have a curriculum consisting of 5 courses with a plan to expand to 13 courses. All of our courses are classroom style, which allows students to interact with instructors, meet with other like-minded believers and get immediate feedback. Many of the courses require students to demonstrate their ability to use the information they just learned through oral presentations and by verbally responding to Biblical challenges. This type of training is what makes CTI successful in producing well-equipped teachers.

A great way to get started is to attend the
5-day Creation Apologetics Teachers Course
this June 15-10

Our current courses are:

  • Creation: Basic Training (1-day)
  • Creation: Advanced Training (1-day)
  • Principles of Christian Education (1-day)
  • Communication and Teaching Skills (3-days)
  • Creation Apologetics Training Course (5-days)


Future courses include:

  • Biblical Worldview Workshop (3-days)
  • Practical Evangelism (1-day)
  • The Bible, Science and Evolution (3-days)
  • Biblical Apologetics Workshop (3-days)
  • Biblical Morality and the Current Culture (3-days)
  • Why the Bible Is True? (3-days)
  • Responding to World Religions (3-days)
  • Practicum: Explaining and Defending the Christian Faith (3-days)


Note: All of our courses are certified through ACSI for Continuing Education Units.

It is time for the Christian community to be serious about the situation with our youth and be willing to pay the cost of preparing the next generation to trust God’s Word and have answers to an unbelieving world that views Christians as intolerant and unscientific.

  • The cost per year to CTI to develop and implement this full curriculum is $220,000.
  • The results during the first five years will make a significant impact.
    • 500 Christian schoolteachers and youth leaders equipped to teach biblical creation and apologetics
    • 10,000 youth equipped to defend their faith

The results will be substantial and the cost per year ($220,000) is small considering the outcomes.

Become part of the team by supporting this education initiative to equip the next generation.

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CTI’s Strategic Objective
A certified teacher in every Christian school and Bible believing church that can teach Biblical creation and apologetics.

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